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Pick of The Day :: Nov. 30 2007

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Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah: Show Respect for The Law 

IPOH: The Raja Muda of Perak, Raja Dr Nazrin Shah, has reminded Malaysians to always respect the law and enforcement agencies and be civilised and courteous in their approaches and actions.

He said resorting to challenging the law and enforcement agencies by importing and introducing a foreign culture of violence was not a healthy and constructive political culture.

“The nation’s peace and harmony should not be sacrificed merely to serve the short-term interests and goals of any vested group. Therefore, Malaysians must respect the rule of law of the nation.

“If today the process of respecting and obeying the law of the land is allowed to be breached by a certain group to the extent that the legal process collapses, it is feared that the country is at the brink of being dragged into anarchy,” he said when opening the 160th Perak Malay Customs and Islamic Religious Council conference.

Raja Nazrin urged Malaysians to always think and act rationally within the country’s legal framework thrust upon the Malaysian culture.

He said the country had achieved many successes and victories through the culture of peaceful negotiations, discussions and co-operation.

“A culture of resorting to actions that is alien to us must be rejected and should not be allowed to take root in our homeland.

“My advice is opt for the correct and right path in our efforts to achieve our noble intentions.”

Raja Nazrin said resorting to violence and defying the law must be avoided as they could undermine the nation’s peace and stability.

“Crimes like stealing metal plates from public utility infrastructures can lead to cutting off of essential utility supplies to the people.

“The presence of illegal immigrants in our midst and given protection by some employers should not be allowed to continue.

“Drug trafficking and smuggling, including human trafficking, and the Mat Rempit (illegal road racers) menace must be seriously dealt with.”

He also urged Malaysians to come forward to be the “eyes and ears” to help the security forces effectively curb crime.

“Islamic organisations, mosque officials and Muslims must step forward as role models to help the government and the security forces to root out crime,” he added.



“Show Respect for The Law.” New Straits Times 30 Nov. 2007: 1 & 6.


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