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Merseyside Event of the Day : Black Parade

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“Revenge is sweet”. Maybe that was in Paolo Maldini’s mind when he lifted up the Champions League trophy, for the fifth time, last night at Athens.

Inzaghi sent in the first blow - courtesy soccernet.comThe game was less entertaining than the semi-final between the Blues and the Reds. The Merseysiders in the first half was excellent. Milan’s defenders were made to work hard as the Reds stormed in. Milan did fire a few shots but their performance wasn’t any near to the night they trashed United at Old Trafford. Pirlo’s freekick which deflected by Inzaghi at 46 min put Milan at front, though I consider it as a lucky goal. 

Liverpool at second half looked tired, and in result, created space for Kaka’s brilliant through pass which made Inzaghi a Milan hero as he sent it home just an inch under Reina’s arm as the clock timed at 82 min. The second goal confirmed AC Milan’s 2005 revenge mission a success. Kuyt headed in a consolation goal for the Reds fans at 89 min.

While the Italian fans are preparing a red-black celebration in San Siro, the Reds will have their black parade as they touch down at John Lennon Airport.


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May 24, 2007 at 8:19 am

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