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Government of Leaks

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I’ve just paid a visit to Putrajaya recently and surprising some of the goverment buildings are in very bad shape despite their remarkable designs. Just stroll around those buildings closely and you can see a few marks of improper maintenance.

On April 11, all seven floors of the Immigration Dept. were flooded due to a leakage from the top level and crippled its operations for a day. More than 1,000 of its customers, mostly foreigners, were turned away. The wreckage at the MEDC muti-purpose hall - courtesy of NSTThen, on April 28 the multi-purpose hall of MEDC was flooded. The ceiling collapsed and fortunately nobody was there. The newly-opened and luxury KL Justice Complex in Jalan Duta was also in the limelight. Three ceiling panels collapsed, cracks on the walls and other problems. Please bear in mind that the complex is the second largest court complex in the world and it costs us RM270mil.

Next stop was the Parliament House!

KL Court Complex - courtesy of NST 

As usual, the responsible (is he?) Minister came to the center stage and started pointing finger to others. The same old tune, the responsible agencies or contractors didn’t do enough maintenance to those buildings.

Proper maintenance do keep buildings from getting deteriorated. However, all the costly incidents, I believe, were not only caused by poor maintenance. What about all those old government buildings? Have we ever heard such problems occured to them? No! Smells fishy doesn’t it.

Government buildings after completion are supposed to be checked thoroughly by JKR engineers before the government takes control of the buildings. Had the officers do their job well in the inspections? Or their ‘big boss’ had instructed them just to OK the buildings? These are not accusations but it seems funny just the new buildings are facing such problems.

Whether the ‘big boss’ should stay as the most senior cabinet minister or not is up to the voters in the coming general ellection. God speed!


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May 18, 2007 at 12:31 pm

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